TSS Positor® : The right position

created from engineers for engineers

Locator is an Autocad and Civil3d plugin aiming to make faster the railway – highway and other linear engineering drawing pipeline.

Locator helps the engineer to see the real problems on his design and not spend his time of repeating and boring calculations.

Locator User

How it works

type tss_locator on command prompt

Start by typing the command tss_locator.

  • You will be able to locate the specific position on any drawing-entity such as Kilometer Position, a very common need in railway design.
  • Retrieve with  Accuracy and efficient length distance and coordinates of any point on the entity.
  • Get a list with locations (KP and point coordinates) 
  • Export results to excel

As simply as can get:

  • Select the entity that will be calculated
  • Define the value of staring KP (if it is not 0)
  • Select a point on screen and locator :
  1. calculates the projection on the entity
  2. calculates the length from the entity starting point along the entity
  3. designs a vertical line and write text with KP value (custom settings)
  4. write KP and point coordinates on a table

fast & accurate