An excellent combination of engineering & code ready to use

This is our strong point: the ability to combine important fields of expertise in order to provide integrated solutions.

Engineering Services

Software Development

Process Consulting

Project Management

Conceptual & Preliminary Design Phase

Trackwork Detailed Design

Coordination with Other Disciplines

Floating Slabs Conceptual /Structural /Dynamic Detailed Design

Structural Detailed Engineering

Tunnel Acceptance – Tunnel As Built verification

Support during Construction

TW Method statements – Work Instructions

Bill Of Quantities


Metro Contracts


Railway Networks


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Track Studies

Engineering is our passion!

With an enormous amount of studies on railroad networks TSS can provide a series of services such as:

  • • Track Alignment (horizontal & vertical)
    • Offset proof (tunnel/stations/depot sections)
    • Trackwork installation drawings (concrete-ballast)
    • Turnout Installation Drawings
    • Critical Distances Analysis
    • Train Gauge Analysis
    • Vehicle Clearance Envelope Analysis

  • • DFD-Walkways in tunnel design
    • DFD-Concreted Tracks
    • DFD-Tunnel invert filling concrete
    • DFD-Elevated Boardwalks
    • DFD-Signs & Markers

  • • Embedded Networks Design (installation-routing)
    • Tunnel drainage design
    • Stray Current Grid Design

  • • Floating Structures:
    o Conceptual Design
    o Structural / Dynamic Analysis

  • • Specification of 3rd rail
    • Detailed 3rd rail Installation Design (gap calculation, fix points, expansion joints)
    • Detailed 3rd rail Turnout configuration drawings

  • • Tunnel Acceptance
    • As built offset proof

    • Coordination drawings (Plan views with all design aspects of each project element)
  • • Special Designs (Transition Slabs, Buffer stop supports, Stinger supports, level crossings)
    • Depot Special tracks (ballasted, embedded, on beams etc.)
    • Track Monitoring (Displacements, elevation, rotation etc.)

  • • Work Instructions – Method Statements
    • Bill of Quantities