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Top Engineers

We are dedicated to provide responsible and high-quality engineering services that ensure professionalism and accurate results. Client satisfaction is our primary focus in an ethical and friendly environment.


Work Addicts

We work passionately, with dedication and vision. Every project is a milestone, a child to our family, one more opportunity for innovation, excellence and improvement. Our target is to cover all your needs.


Code Creators

Our advantage is our software. Our code gives us faster and more accurate results, making this small flexible and affordable team of experts highly competitive to large and expensive schemes.

Connect with
our programmers team

Combining engineering background with heavy coding skills our programmers team is the heart of our operations. Please feel free to contact us for an in-depth analysis of our services.

Unique Solutions

We know that engineers need handy tools and solutions that provide them time to focus on pure engineering tasks and stop wasting time on recurring design work.

Accurate Results

Accuracy equals confidence. Confidence on results, on proposals, on projects, on sales, on decision making, on solutions providing, on business expansion.

High Performance

Not only high performance software but also high performance people. A team that can guaranty positive attitude, fast responding, accurate result, integrated deliveries.

TSS can provide you custom code for your needs of your company. Please feel free to contact us for an extensive presentation of our unique services.

What we can do for you?

We are TSS – a modern company with engineering expertise and high software skills.
Our vision is to excel in our field by providing solutions that make your work faster, more accurate, more efficient based on knowledge, experience and modern technology.

  • TSS is a company established by engineers with more than 25 years of experience in Large scale Linear projects and not only. The term Linear refers to either (a) Railway projects, (b) Road projects, (c) Pipeline projects or other similar.
    The absolute benefit of TSS, is that the founders apart from Engineers with both Design and Field experience, they are also professional Software Developers with more than 35 years of experience in this field including actual code writing. Software developed includes many different Computer Languages and paradigms, for numerous projects covering Technical issues, Databases, Expert Systems and more.
    The last decade this Experts’ team has accomplished a great task by developing a technical knowledge base in a multi-functional Library. This Library of Tools, is now becoming publicly known through TSS Tools™.
    The target is to make Engineers’ valuable time more efficient and productive by taking some of the tedious tasks off their back and let them think and work concentrating on the real problems they have to face.
    Having spent numerous hours on Engineering Design, TSS Tools™ aim to help Engineers worldwide get in their hands most of the required supporting data and produce results in an easy and fast way with utmost accuracy.
    Οn 2020 dawn, TSS proudly presents LOCATOR ®™.
    Locator is the first of TSS Tools™ that gets published. There are many others soon to come. Locator provides great advantages that help boost engineering productivity to an unimaginable level.

  • Design Works for any kind of Linear projects requires the support of some Specific Software in order to produce the Detailed Design of the project Axis/es with all their details.

    But this is usually only a fragment of the works that have to be performed for the needs of a project. For the parts of the Design Works, other than the Axis Detailed Design, many Engineers/Offices/Designers use AutoCAD, Civil 3d or other Autodesk Software.

    Project Design always requires interaction between Project Designers. There are also Coordination Studies that need to be performed. Therefore DWG files are a common practice to expedite these tasks.

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