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Reduce your production time using TSS plugin for accurate measurements and ready to use results. Download the Autocad plugin and within minutes you will be able to calculate complex railway tracks.

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Reduce your design production time and guarantee your results’ accuracy using TSS tools

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Let the Experience guide your project from the basic engineering to the detailed Design Phase at staggering pace

Construction Support

Our team will help you gain time for everyday site tasks checking the quality of your progress rate using TSS tools.

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Our team with highly skilled engineers guarantees proven engineering solutions, intelligent innovative proposals.

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The experience of our engineers projected on software solutions created by engineers for engineers.

The design process gets significantly accelerated

With the confidence provided by the accuracy in the results and the error reduction, project’s rate takes off.


TSS tools  accelerate certain engineering tasks by 10 to 50%.


20% re-submission reduction due to human error minimization


Get acquainted with difficult engineering processes in Autodesk CAD environments.


Focus on solving engineering problems, let TSS tools deal with side tasks.


Get all the support you need to make everyday site tasks faster, easier and accurate.

Save time and avoid mistakes using TSS tools

In the demanding area of linear projects (rail/road/pipeline) design and engineering, TSS provides an amazing bunch of tools in order to speed up your process and calculation time. Our team can provide you not only with the software but also with our expertise to create an engineering pipeline, adding value to your business and up scaling your results in demanding engineering tasks.


Engineering Solutions

We deal with special issues finding solutions that combine innovation, scientific approach and experience


Use Locator when you work with pathways and localize Kilometer Positions with one click and get the results for further analysis.


Use Animator when you work on drawings with vehicles that run through pathways and detect clashes.